Reasons Why You Should Change Locks Regularly

There are many occasions where people might need to initiate lock change in their respective residences, but this can also happen while staying in an unfamiliar location. The chances that you will be confronted with this need is quite high since most of the times, people keep their cars locked in their garage. Others might have misplaced their keys and they need a professional locksmith to help them find a duplicate or new key for their cars. Even though you might be under extreme emergency, it is still the best choice to trust the expertise of a licensed and bonded locksmith who will arrive at your rescue as soon as possible.

In fact, lock changes only require a mere presentation of a valid proof of ownership to your hired locksmith. This rule applies even to residential places, be it house, car or company. However, if you request a lock change, then you have to be physically present and prepared to provide proof of identification or identity or that of your lock professional and if you cannot provide a valid ID or other proofs of identity, then your request will be denied.

You can also request a lock change after buying a new vehicle. There are many cases wherein people need to switch from their old vehicle to a new one but have forgotten their original keys. It is always advisable to ask for lock changes especially if it is required for immediate usage. What people usually do is that they just leave their new vehicle in their garage while they engage the services of a locksmith to change their existing locks. Even though this is a good idea, there are more advantages associated with hiring a professional locksmith instead of doing it yourself. Let us enumerate some of these benefits:

Most homeowners think that hiring a locksmith to change locks is just an extravagance but you would be surprised to know that there are some good reasons why you should get a lock change. First of all, it is very important that you make sure that you have high security deadbolts installed on all your doors. Hiring professional locksmith means that you will no longer have to worry about your home being broken into because of the keyless entry feature of your doors. Some of the best locks that have this feature include the cylinder locks, vertical bars, and deadbolt locks.

Another reason why you should ask lock change when it comes to reprogramming of your locks is the fact that you might need to change or remove any duplicates. Most locks are contained in a chip that stores multiple versions of a key. When you have the lock on professional to key your locks, he will be able to remove the duplicate key. On the other hand, if you want to change the combination yourself, then you have to open the locks and remove the key that will match the chip inside your lock. The lock professional is also likely to be able to remove any additional keys that you have added to your locks.

Apart from adding new keys, changing locks, and opening and closing your locks, another reason why you should change them regularly is when you are tenants. Most landlords insist that tenants ask before they can start changing their locks. If the tenant fails to ask, then the landlord will have the right to change the lock without asking for the permission of the tenant. This is the most common reason why you should hire the services of a lock professional when you are tenants.